Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart for a few weeks she had to sit on the throne of Scotland.

Scotland has provided Maria and her French courtiers rather hitherto unknown sensations. Although the five-day sea voyage Englishmen failed to abduct the queen , but it captured a galley of her horses. So when they got tired travelers 19 August 1561 until the port of Leith , were forced to ride mules . Overnight in the stinking fish home buyer , noisy Scottish music and hazy and humid weather further exacerbate their depression. Also, the royal palace of Holyrood , situated near Edinburgh , was for them a real surprise. Dreary, damp and empty building, nothing like the colorful headquarters of Valois.

Depressed mood also upheld subject to Mary. Every night flocked into the palace and sang Calvinist psalms . And the Catholic Mass , celebrated in the royal chapel , almost caused a riot . August 25, 1561 , Maria issued a proclamation authorizing the cultivation of Reformed denominations. I naively believed that this gesture will discharge its Protestant -Catholic sentiment subjects. Accompanying the queen of French gentlemen after a few weeks hurried back to their homeland. But the Queen did not give up . In September, the Council appointed The personal . They went to the most prominent Scottish gentlemen , standing at the head of the great clans. Most of them were Protestant . Unfortunately , Mary had no idea that they received ” wages ” of the British Queen . Elizabeth I.


Scottish nobles were bound loosely with milk monarch and parliament. In practice independently administered whole provinces. Their position has not decided the amount of land owned , but the ancestral relationship , based on the relationships between them and the local community to me . So the rulers of Scotland were not able to destroy them politically , even making seizures of property . Although Mary was not devoid of talent diplomatic, however, could not find in the Scottish reality. Unlimited trust bestowed his half- brother, and her hostile James Stuart . With open arms adopted outside the Scottish humanist George Buchanan. who later wrote her a scathing pamphlets . It also decided to convince the John Knox . the leader of the Scottish Puritans . But the effect of these treatments being miserable . Knox thundered from the pulpit to the queen , stirring up the people against it . English envoy Thomas Randolph , praised the patience and calmness Mary. However, she still made ​​mistakes , and only with time learned to hide their beliefs . She tried not to discourage yourself of Elizabeth I , but she would not give up the hereditary right to the throne of England .


Elizabeth chose not to engage in a costly civil war in Scotland. So the two ladies corresponded with each other. exchanged pleasantries year . The tightening of relations occurred , only when they began to talk about the re- marriage of Mary with the Spanish Don Carlos and Karl Habsburg . Over Protestant England appeared papists  shadow . Elizabeth expressed her disapproval of this kind of ideas I suggested Marli his handsome lover , Robert Lord Leicester . Since no one appreciated her dedication, quickly changed her mind. She suggested instead of Henry Darnley , the son of the Earl of Lennox . Muscular blond with blue eyes seasoned Maria dizzy. He was the great-grandson of Henry VII , and thus a relative of both queens . The right to inherit the throne of the English succession Elizabeth and Mary. The wedding of the queen of Scotland, Darnley took place on July 29, 1563 , and caused a diplomatic scandal . Furiously the Queen of England , because she believed that Henry will remain only lover ” dear cousin .” Uncle Mary, Cardinal Karol, publicly called him a bad egg . Darnley did not accept the Scottish gentlemen , sidelined by him from power. On top of that royal pair struck up to return to the country scandalist , Count James Bothwell , who helped quell the rebellion magnate .


Henry quickly felt bored with the role of a loving spouse. Started vulgar brawl in male company , neglecting the pregnant Mary . The Queen spent more and more time with his Italian secretary , David Rizzio . Nobles did not like the foreigner , endowed with such great confidence in the court, and conspired against the favorite of the queen. At the head of Darnley put that on March 9 IS66 year insidiously introduced into rooms bombers wife. They asked more than 50 Italian fans dagger thrusts . Then demanded that Maria signed the ” act of grace ‘, releasing them from responsibility for the murder .


The Queen refused. Simulating labor pains , quickly sent the Darnley . She locked herself in the room with him and convinced to help her escape . I still do not know how she did it . Pd triumphant return to Edinburgh issued a proclamation , a cleansing of the objections of her royal spouse. Probably trying to keep up appearances , approaching in fact the term solution.


June 19, 1566 year bang department of EdinburghCastle was announced the birth of Prince James, the future king of Scotland and England .


Mary came into the room Darnley and enthusiastically kissed a newborn baby . Queen for a long time kept the distance in relation to her husband . Smug Henry seemed not to notice. Unfortunately , the spirit of a murdered Rizzi still wafted the royal rooms.



On the night of 9 on February 10, 1567 years Edinburgh powerful explosion rocked . In the air flew mansion Kirk o ` Field, where he was a royal spouse . Women from nearby houses saw how the explosion ran to the garden. There Darnley grabbed a few men . When he choked , standing on the side of a nobleman looked on with undisguised satisfaction. He was James Hepburn , Earl of Bothwell . It is to him a few months later, Mary Stuart stood on the aisle .


The Queen did not attend the funeral of her husband. Both her ​​participation in the conspiracy , and the reason why she married the largest Scottish hooligan and a bully , to this day remains a mystery. Her marriage to Henry Darnley was a scandal , but the association with Bothwell has become more than a political suicide . This time, Queen of Scots put her beautiful head on the chopping block . The magnates , who until recently supported it , revolted . Maria was forced to leave Scotland . But chose not to shelter the wonderful France, where her vast estates brought a good income . 16 May 1568 year small fishing boat went to England.


Queen Elizabeth I had a foam against the son of Mary James – wanted to in the future to the throne Scottish and English. She wanted so locate his mother in a comfortable London palace. However, her closest adviser , William Cecil, and members of the Royal Privy Council strongly objected to this . Bali is the queen of Scots and her rights to the throne of English charm and talent to win over the people. For 15 years, it moved from place to place , closely watching her every move . Trapped queen led a lively correspondence with almost all of Europe. She complained to her fate , becoming looser ailments successive regents of Scotland , who have isolated her from her son . Catholic rulers proposed arrangements and covenants . She had no idea that her encrypted correspondence goes to Sir Francis Walsingham desk and a long time does not constitute the mystery of the secret services .

Julia Thompson