Venetian theater in a box ” San Samuele” beautiful Cecilia ate dinner in the company of a Russian prince . When both innocent flirting turned into advanced caress love how grown up out of the ground the past couple of theater director , Count Grimani . He accused the courtesan stripped that sells boxes pricier than your own body . Resolute Cecilia Musket : “I do not sell my charms , but I give them as a gift .”

 Sophisticated culture of Venice, its glamor , tinsel and original medieval structure fascinated eighteenth -century Europe. Extremely free customs of the inhabitants of the city, and houses numerous brothel games attracted crowds of wealthy foreigners who might prefer to use here for life. The contemporary republic was no longer a maritime power and trade , but the Venetians seemed not to notice . Owners delicious villa on the Grand Canal and the Brent competed with each other , organizing lavish parties , concerts and theatrical performances . A lot of time was spent on St. Peter’s Square . Brand , shops and cafes hidden in the porticos of the Ducal Palace . Patricians of both sexes were wandering about there love intrigue , they fixed interests , as well as conspiring against the government of the republic. These places were full of spies of the Inquisition , absolute for its citizens , but liberal to foreigners .

 The Basilica of St . Brand , like the other 70 temples , Venetians rarely prayed . In churches, couples exchange glances and hugs , others amused themselves by conversation .

And though surrounded the relics and believed in miracles , their faith was very superficial. During a half- year carnival disappearing class barriers and complexes . Under cover of night , and many a nun masks Murano indulged himself in lust with impunity .


 But the real pride of the city were courtesans . These beautiful and educated women were more like Greek hetaera than prostitutes . They knew the poetry , loved opera and theater, did not leave any release. A Venice boasted excellent theater groups and ballet companies , which have been successful in almost all European countries . The citizens of the city do not always appreciate their artists , and if you did not like the show , the audience threw their insults , garbage and even excrement. Sometimes , and so that the artists have saved himself by fleeing the city.

 Gaetano actor , appearing in a theater ” San Samuele”, fell in love with the beautiful shoemaker’s daughter , Giovanna Farussi . Kidnapped her and married her in February 1724 year. Several weeks later, a young married woman when she began to name Zanetta , was an actress and mistress of Count Giovanni Grimani, Venetian directing team of ” San Samuele .” From this adulterous relationship April 2, 1725 was born the Giacomo Casanova , who after many years , in 1782, publicly announced that he is the son of the Count . In 1733 he died in Venice Gaetano , leaving a beautiful Zanetta with four children . Eight year old Giacomo , who could not even read and write , went to his grandmother . Friends of the family managed to persuade her mother to he sent the boy to school in Padua . There, the priest took care of him Gozzi . Extremely talented Giacomo quickly caught up under the guidance of a priest. Successfully studied Roman classics. Especially coincided to his liking hedonistic maxim of Horace , exalt above all pleasures of life.

 When Giacomo began to study law at the university , soon fell into the company of fellow promiscuous . He began visiting brothels , playing cards and incur debt. Terrified grandmother took him back to Venice and handed into the care of the parish priest of the parish of St . Samuel turned to her grandson on the path of spiritual career . After several months of Giacomo a secular cleric and title abate . Then a family friend , the poet Baffo , introduced him to the old senator Malipiero , who took Casanova under its roof . There Giacomo gained understanding of social cues , and under the watchful eye of Senator nuanced art of seducing ladies. Sixteen year old young man with olive skin , tall (190 cm tall ) , athletic body building soon became the object of desire of the ladies of the party. As a member of the clergy could almost everywhere to accompany them without arousing anyone’s suspicions . The first sermon , which he delivered in the church . Samuel, provoked applause of the faithful and brought rain lists of love . The unexpected success of the young encouraged abate so that he decided immediately to do it again . Unfortunately , the night carousing lowered his intellectual ability and when he stood at the pulpit , tongue-tied . Disgraced left his native city and a dozen unsatisfied the grief of women who had good turn around in their heads .

 Casanova left memoirs entitled ” Story of my life ,” whose chronology raises doubts historians. Please note that these posted memories old and ailing resident of the Czech castle of Dux , who could go wrong dates and facts from a trip to the island of Corfu and Turkey. But Casanova would not be himself if he shook his ! details passionate night spent with sisters Savorgnan . First refused to participate in orgy to repair it shameful faux pas according to the principle : ” even in love is a holy trinity .” This experience has commented on this: ” I soon realized that young women do not allow themselves to be seduced by the lack of courage , but in the company of friends reflect quite easily . ” Readers great memoirs of Casanova often regret that the author so rarely reveals the secrets of his conquests . Giacomo had an unusual fondness for the fairer sex , it clears any occasion bed fulfills all desires of their partners , and sex was the most important experience for him , though not the only one.

 He was also a philosopher , leading an otherwise boring discussions of the great Voltaire , as well as a scholar , traveler, diplomat , sharp , financier and talented writer . He visited almost all the capitals of Europe. He was the guest of Frederick the Great, Empress Catherine , the Court of Vienna and King Stanislav August Poniatowski. Created about 40 works in French and Italian, with the ” Story of my life ” and ” Epistolarius ” immoral certificates are great eighteenth century . In turn, the work Pound wisps , or long werewolf carried out devastating critique of two pamphlets , which the authors claimed that the woman thought the uterus . Casanova with a large erudition and sense of tact stood up for women.

Julia Thompson