Six riding the royal carriage stopped at the hazy downpour Parisian courtyard of the College of Louis the Great . The student Maximilian Robespierre knelt in a pool at the foot of the carriage and delivered orations in honor of the monarchy. Her Majesty Marie Antoinette listened to him with deference . King Louis , the sixteenth of that name , was sleeping soundly in the carriage , lulled by the rain. Nobody dared to break the royal nap.

 Tributary speech, which gave Robespierre in 1775 before the royal spouses, was commonly used distinction for elite fliers College Louis – le – Grand . The king did not record this event in his quaint diary, but for Robespierre was insignificant episode. High scholarship Church has received thanks to the protection of Bishop of Arras , allowing him to run smoothly school education . In addition, as a fellow had the right to free residence in a dormitory college , and during university studies . So exercised this privilege and moved out from there only in 1781 , shortly after receiving his bachelor’s rights .

 Robespierre was not a particularly wealthy man , but his grandfather connections helped him get an education , humanistic manners and aristocratic manners. The reactionary revolutionary writings showed him later this Catholic- noble education. Robespierre told that in Paris the college has demonstrated its unwillingness to Catholicism , like his ideological patron, Jean-Jacques Rousseau . At the peak of power, so him saying, ” Rousseau is a man who by his lofty soul and character size proved to be worthy of the Presidency and the teaching of the human race .” It was not a very original idea , given that the philosopher was still alive a fashionable intellectual worshiped in the Parisian salons. herself queen Marie Antoinette adhered to the idea of ​​a return to nature . before the revolutionary guillotine cut short her head , passionately built mills and streams introduced to the gardens of the Petit Triathlon , where her many protégés were forced to run “simple village life ” . As you can see , Rousseau’s ideas inspired both the perpetrators and the victims of the French Revolution .


 In 1781 we were not even turbulent future Maximilian Robespierre . Straight from Paris, he returned to his hometown of Arras , where he began his law practice routine . After a few months, also sat in the Episcopal tribunal senior . Regular salary of judges and attorneys’ fees allowed him to live a comfortable life , accompanied by his aunt and sister Charlotte . Both ladies in joint household with him . Charlotte Maximilian regularly woke at 7 , bringing him a glass of milk first , and then a cup of coffee . Then , carefully dressed, went to his office. In the evening, mostly gave to socialize . During spoke little , ate moderately , wine mingled with plenty of water. In dealing with people Robespierre was rather cool , and sometimes even repulsive . Only in relation to the ladies of the company remained attentive, although its common apparition did not arouse their enthusiasm.

 Robespierre wrote treatises that sent almost all legal and literary competitions announced by the academies in Arras and Amiens . Unfortunately , with meager results. Besides, it is hardly surprising , since the object of his admiration , among others, were sometimes tertiary poems . Instances of judicial Robespierre did not portend a wonderful speaker. Praise easily, but dispassionately , respectively modulating vociferous voice of nature . In other words, he was the epitome of mediocrity , a man of a not anything special . After a few years of professional practice was at odds with the local legal community , as well as with the authorities of Arras.

 Throughout the country, discontent grew . Social groups that badly endured burdens imposed by the feudal monarchy , raised a rebellion . The king, threatened with financial disaster , feared to reform the state. The court decided to appeal to the States General (parliament) , the first time in over a hundred years. He appealed also to all educated persons to notify the state repair projects . Stimulated the activity of lawyers who accused the Versailles ideas. In their group was also Robespierre . He sent memorials for the reform of local authorities, who then cleverly used in his election campaign . In speeches appealed to the court of Louis XVI to save France. Like other enlightened representatives of the State Third , not yet aware of the political stupidity of the monarch . But it soon became apparent that ” the king is naked ” .

 More and more popularity among the radical intelligentsia of the French began to gain egalitarian ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau . His writings biting aristocracy contain strong statements , such as ” fruit of the earth belong to all of us, but the earth does not belong to anyone .” Such aphorisms exerted a strong impression on the young people. English philosopher, Edmund Burke , he later wrote with irony , as it revolutionary leaders bid for which of them is more like Rousseau . Robespierre take seriously the social ideas of his idols . Inspired by them, made ​​acts , which still scares the world .

 In 1789 he passed triumphantly through the multi-stage parliamentary elections and the May 5 appeared at Versailles at the ceremonial opening of the States-General . He was one of 587 members of the Third State . The largest and most socially diverse group of MPs had already finished their leaders, the American War hero , the Marquis Marie Joseph de La Fayette and talented and cynical Count Gabriel Honore de Mirabeau . The latter is expertly summed Robespierre : “He becomes high, because he believes in everything that says ” . Robespierre quite early into contact with both masters , but he had no illusions about their political intentions . He , moreover, that only about one hundred deputies are interested in making a profound reform of the state . He saw among them Count Mirabeau .

 On 14 July 1789 a crowd of several thousand Parisians started on the hated Bastille . Seized the fortress , and the news of this reached the province. From then attacked the royal prison in France. The peasants set fire to mansions and abbeys , cruelly murdering their inhabitants. City governments formed spontaneously emerged armed camps proliferated robberies and thefts . It’s time for the Great Fear . The revolution gained momentum , the system began to evolve , and with it the views of Robespierre .

 After the arrest of the king Robespierre more strongly spoke out against the monarch , becoming a staunch Republican. In the days of the National Convention was a member of the radical left , known as the ” Mountain ” . At the same time all the time headed the Paris Jacobins . Felt is ideal when high -ceilinged Monastery of St. . Jacob spoke to the group of devotees. Panicky afraid of the crowd , because Paris poor preferred control from behind the scenes club . was convinced that only on the left do not have enemies. He thought rightly beheaded king Louis XVI and the crowds of nobles . himself sent to the guillotine thousands of people , accusing them of is that they are “enemies of the revolution.” French historian Pierre Gaxotte , wrote of him : “He had a sense of the average person , or – if anyone wants – the genius of the revolution and its mechanism .”

Julia Thompson