Swan from Stratford

 On the stage of London’s ” The Theatre ” which was owned by James Burbage , in agony forever condemned Dr. Faust . Terrified audience holding her breath . Here and there you could hear the quiet drugs . Suddenly in the gallery stood up man, silenced actor and confessed to the crime committed recently . Young Shakespeare looked with admiration on the author’s presentation . Marlowe triumphed .

The second art by Christopher Marlowe , displayed on the stage of ” The Theatre ” in Shoreditch , which has achieved unprecedented success , were Tragical History of Doctor Faustus . Puritan preachers thundered from the pulpit to the author and the audience , prohibiting them from attending the theater. But Londoners and so every evening crowds drawn to James Burbage . Young Marlowe completely captured the souls of the audience. During his performances hall screaming , people fainted , and the women in the gallery fell into hysterics . And he reveled this like a victory , losing the sense of reality slowly . Shakespeare heard preached the pubs that Moses was a liar and a lousy legislator . Marlowe delighted and terrified at the same time of Shakespeare.


William , since I came to London in 1588 . passionately attended his performances and watched the reactions of the audience. He quickly realized that you should forget about lyric poetry , inspired by antiquity . The English did not know the subtle psychology of Sophocles and Euripides works . The authors drew inspiration from the works of Seneca , which was full of dishes from the corpses of the murdered children , poucinanych languages ​​, legs and hands.

The newcomer from Stratford -upon -Avon from Westminster heading towards the gate Ludgate , located in the western part of the capital . Along the way he passed the palace of Queen Elizabeth I, the great mansions of aristocrats , City and vanity fair located at the Cathedral of St. . Paul. He wandered toward the artery leading from the north, from Shoreditch, south to LondonBridge . The road ended at the city walls and buildings, ” The Theatre ” and ” The Curtain ” agile managed by James Burbage . Shakespeare found a flat in the parish of St . Helena. Entire time walking the northern banks of the Thames . At its clear waters sailed ships, boats and herds swans with snow-white feathers .

Theatre has served not only the queen and her courtiers , but also the average viewers . Actors and playwrights were not a bunch of the London rogues , liquor -loving and easy life . They behaved more like staid traders preferred selling their wares . Eighteenth -century English poet Samuel Coleridge could not understand how Hamlet , King Lear and Macbeth could create man , the leading so sedate life . It is known that Shakespeare invested in land , buildings, enforce debts. In the archives of Stratford preserved documents relating to his baptism , marriage , processes, taxes and death. The books of the parish of St . Helena in idly noted that lingered in the payment of donations to the poor. Nowhere explicitly stated that Shakespeare was the author of plays and poems . In Stratford -upon -Avon preserved urban school teachers’ names , there have been no census of students . Of course it is difficult to imagine that in the 70s Sixteenth century, the son of a magistrate did not go to school. They taught there , the masters of Oxford , but the program was limited only to Latin grammar and Roman authors of texts easier . In the future, this will result in a series of blunders and anachronisms . Julius Caesar Shakespeare dressed in Elizabethan jacket , tells lie listen beating in ancient Rome clocks. In Antony and Cleopatra eponymous heroine plays billiards and writes a letter in ink on paper. The masterpiece King Lear inhabitants of Illyria have English names, and Gloucester wears glasses . It’s amazing that a malicious playwright, Ben Jonson , not a friend pointed out these errors. Probably stopped him tremendous success of Hamlet and impeccable manners of its author .

The period from 1574 to 1588 years , researchers long called ” unknown years ‘ life of the poet. Has become a cause of various speculations. Mark Twain stated that the magistrate ‘s son from Stratford and a playwright this is not the same person . Others went further . Served the names of alleged “real” authors of Shakespeare’s plays , including such as Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon , King James I , Marlowe . These theories are very emotional substrate and wrongly assume that only an aristocrat , or at least a graduate of the university, may be literary genius . We must admit, however, that these sensations eager amateurs Boosted by professional researchers . In 1860, Sir Alexander found testament Houghton , who explains the troubling gap in the biography of the poet. Appears in the name of Shakespeare , which proves that he was an actor in the home of a wealthy testator and his heirs , Baronet Thomas Hesketh . It would explain the mystery. whence Shakespeare drew historical news and inspiration for their works. Probably the rich libraries of these aristocrats he met with newsreel Edward Hall , William Harrison and Edward Campion . They served him with the creation of Richard II . where reckless king gets rid of the crown for the wily Henry IV was reaching a triumphant after the happening of Henry V , Henry VI loser , cruel Richard III and his contemporary Tudor dynasty .

When the London theater breaks in between 1592-1594 , due to the plague , Shakespeare wrote 150 sonnets stunning , directed mainly to a mysterious black lady. Her mysterious identity sparked a lot of speculation later generations . In 1973, Professor . Alfred Leslie Rowse announced that he had found in the Bodleian Library at Oxford document that exposes the word lady. It shows that Shakespeare knew the seductive and perverse Mrs. Lanier , for which he wrote :

Song about Shakespeare and Stratford upon Avon

” Despot are, like all despots ,

Which teaches them the rigors of beauty,

You know because of this , my dear sweet ,

That greater treasure anyone here give me . “

Julia Thompson